Pan Chancho Bakery

At Pan Chancho we use electric mixers, hand shape all of our bread, and bake them in an electric deck oven with four decks and stone bottoms. Some loaves are free form, others are in bannetones and the rest are baked in bread pans.


Pan Chancho (meaning "Pig Bread") was first established back in 1994 by owners Zal Yanovsky ( musician from the Lovin Spoonful) and Rose Richardson, to supply the sister company Chez Piggy with bread made "the Old World way."

Originally located on Johnson Street, they eventually grew out of the small limestone building and had to create a new home. The perfect location for this was found at the base of Princess Street in 2002. Where they completly renovated the large historic building, keeping it's historic appearance and charm.

Since then we have aquired several wholesale accounts, and continue to supply bread for Chez Piggy as well as the Cafe located in the back of the store at Pan Chancho.


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44 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
ABA ProductABA Standard
Country Sourdough
ART 20 - Organic Sourdough Unbleached White
Pain de Campaigne
ART 22 - Organic Pre-Ferment Wholemeal OR Unbleached White
Red Fife Heritage Wheat
ART 32 - Organic Yeast Bread Wholemeal OR Unbleached White+
ART 32 - Organic Yeast Bread Wholemeal OR Unbleached White+
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