Baker D. Chirico

Baker D. Chirico has influenced many bakeries in Australia and even a few overseas. A large amount of customers are actually envious bakers sticking their heads in to sample Daniel Chirico's mojo. What Daniel does is actually quite difficult to immitiate because he is just doing what comes natural to a good baker...making good food and looking after their customers.

You walk in the door and straight away you know you are at home rather than in a pretentious bakery palace. 'Would you like something to eat' you can hear Daniel whispering as he places a warm hand on your shoulder. 'Please, sit down, I will take care of you'. And he does (or at least his beautiful shop staff do).

The bakery has such a small operating and shop space, creating a high degree of intimacy for both bakers and customers. You feel good about people in this place.

03 9534 3777
149 Fitzroy St
Saint Kilda VIC
Artisan Baker Association Standards: 
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