All Kamut Bread

I found this recipe at the Spanish baking forum I used an italian white Kamut flour and a preferment in two builds.The dough was very soft and very pleasing to knead. The crust is light and the taste is sweet and delicious! 

NOTE: the hydration percentatge resulting in "The Dough" table does not take in account the water from the soaker (100gr) and the preferment (360gr). Actual hydration is 77.5%


The Dough

Ingredient Weight US Volume Bakers Percentage
Kamut flour 580 g 20.46 oz 4.55 cups 100.00%
Water 269 g 9.49 oz 1.14 cups 46.38% (hydration)
Preferment 715 g 25.22 oz 5.6 cups 123.28%
Salt 22 g 0.78 oz 1.6 tbspns 3.79%
Soaker 217 g 7.65 oz 0.96 cups 37.41%
Total Weight: 1803 grams / 63.60 ounces
Total Flour Weight: 580 grams / 20.46 ounces

Bakers percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the Starter is not counted. Note: This recipe was uploaded in grams and has been automatically converted to other measures, let us know of any corrections.


 First preferment, the day before (evening):

1.5 gr starter

117 gr kamut flour

117 gr water


Second preferment (morning):

235.5 gr first preferment

235 gr kamut flour

235 gr water

It took 10 hours at room temp to double in volume


Soaker (morning):

60 gr sesame

64 gr flax 

100 gr water


For the final dough I mixed the preferment, 480 gr kamut flour and 269 gr water. After the 30 minutes autolyse I added the soaker and salt and kneaded for 10 minutes. Bulk proof was 1 hour with one S&F in the middle. Shaped in two batards and left to final ferment for 1 hour. Baked at 250ºC with steam for 10 minutes, then at 210º for 30 minutes more. 


 I woul love to try this recipe as I bought Kamut flour on a whim and don't know what to do with it  I am reasonably new to sourdough baking and still learning. My question is would 1.5grams of starter be enough to kickstart the preferment (not sure mine would) I think my starter is 100% hydration same amount flour and water. Would that work ?  Also what time of the day would I actually be baking this bread if the second build takes 10 hours am I baking the bread after the next process.  Sorry if I sound so stupid it's very complicated for a new sourdough baker to understand all this science.  The bread looks amazing thanks in advance for your help :-) 

 Sorry I didn't notice your message. The second preferment is done in the morning, say at 8:00, then after 10 hours (about 18:00) i did the final mix, and baked at 20:30, for 50 minutes at 250ºC

This formula uses most of the fermenting time in the preferment, so the bread is quickly made


Well lluisanunez I did it !  thanks for the recipe I couldn't believe i would get anything resembling a loaf when I only started with 1.5g of starter................Sourdough starter is just a truly amazing thing it breaths, grows, moves and even makes noises as it lives on my loaves are a wee bitty well fired, you didn't give baking times or temperatures so i obviously overcooked my loaves. thanks again x regards Lenohbabe

 Well done! But you should try simpler recipes to begin with!

Isnt't kamut delicious?

I love the taste of kamut. thanks again.

I'm a newbie to sourdough but have made bread for years( too many to remember!). I always use some organic Kamut, it makes lovely bread. I have also used it as my starter, 50gms with equal wt water. There were a few bubbles after 24 hours, smelling sweet and very lively after only three. I keep it on a shelf next to my Aga.

I wanted to point out a small mistake in the recipe description. "The Dough" table is correct, but in your description you mention 480g flour for the final dough instead of the 580g...  you can imagine the result ;-9 ... it made me go crazy  trying to knead an impossibly high hydration "dough". That looked like a focaccia mixture ;-)

I only noticed the error after looking for the original recipe and re-checking details. I hope I arrive in time before others go the same way! heheheheh.