Can I make scones like these with sour starter.
If how do I,,, thanks, qahtan



I'm only new at the exciting sourdough thing, but my two toddlers (and the adults, too) benefit from 'discarded' starter ... in that it gets turned into pancakes! Yum!


No I'm about 2,000 south of the action.
Thanks for your concern.

Thanks Bill, I hate the idea of throwing good starter away, especially since I have tried so many thimes to get it to be a good starter....
I think I will do as you say experiment a bit.....

Hope you are no where near that cyclone that hit Austalia..

You can throw a bit of starter into your scone mix just for flavour, won't have time to do any raising but it tastes great, the sour contrast with the jam is terrific. Experiment a bit.
You can do the same with pancakes. Either way beats throwing away good starter.

I wondered if any one had tried them with sourdough.....
But it's no problem making them the proper way, and as you say lashing of cream and strawberry jam is good on rolls, :-)))) qahtan

Scones are made with baking powder (or self-raising flour) not yeast. If you attempted making scones with starter I imagine you'd get bread rolls with a crusty exterior. I don't think they would be at all like scones.

Mind you, sourdough rolls with lashings of cream and strawberry jam sounds pretty darn good to me.

Very Happy