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silcone tins? | Sourdough Companion

silcone tins?

i been using few different tins in past but for last year (or bit more) i switched to those silicone tins, the first one i had was not too good for bread because it would only handle 190C but than i managed to find one that can take up to 240C.

they don't keep bread shape 100% but is not too bad and i find that sides and bottoms get such nice colour and crunch/softness balance is perfect plus there is no need to gress them up and anything i baked in those just comes out with zero troubles.

just wondering if anyone else is using them and/or maybe knows where i could find some bigger silicon tins, ones i have are good for 350-400g bread at best

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yes they seem to do that a bit but some new "models" have sort of enforcment on the sides and out of 3 that i got only one seem to keep form quite well but i don't care about shape too much so its fine by me.

Bake Me !

I did a stupid thing. I bought a silcone tin and took it to France last year when I went on holiday. Thought if I fill it with socks and knickers it won't take up any space. The thing is it probably weighed more than a cheap non-stick tin from Woolworths. I didn't like it and I haven't used it since. They bend outwards in the middle so the bread comes out boat-shaped:


Soda bread in France

(Happy Birthday Bill)