Cake pix requested by qahtan

So I was pretty stretched this week with these 2 cakes and 2 other Teacher Appreciation cupcake cakes which I didn't take pix.

Farewell cake given by me as a gift. Was too knackered to include details.

I got out of my cake-sabbatical for this cake. Couldn't resist it. But, tell me, how much will a cake like this fetch where you are and I will tell you how much I asked for it. This is an 8-inch cake, sugar everything...from shoe, rose, plaque(little bit of cheat here...used printer), cords (painting this was a pain)... I can see from the pix that the job isn't very well done. Will touch up in the morning.


TP, that Happy Birthday cake would be over A$100.00 in the area where I live. You certainly have not lost your touch during your sabbatical, magnificent work!

Thanks, Teresa and Bill

I charged A$50 or US$41. Ah well...the day I do it more for business, rather than pleasure, I'll bite the bullet and charge as I should.

Forgot to mention...the plane cake is butter cake (egg yolk-base) filled with rose petal swiss meringue buttercream. The bday cake is a white chocolate butter cake using the leftover whites from the first cake (waste not


) filled with rich chocolate buttercream (only 2 ingredients, butter and chocolate in it). Another reason (besides lack of time, slightly painful hands) I avoid making cakes is I really put on weight when I do them. I tell myself I'm just tasting when I eat the sculpted-off cake but somehow it takes many tastes before I am satisfied. Buttercream.....mmm.....yum!

Incredibly beautiful! You are so talented!
Too nice to eat!