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German walnut and carrot | Sourdough Companion

German walnut and carrot

Hi all!
Made this bread that I have been working from a Bio-bakery in Berlin and just filled in the % with my hydrations and sour with the aide of a friend in England at Dan Lepards site, thanks again Gavin!



Ooooh that looks good!

Love carrot cake.

Carrot bread has to be good, too!

That would deserve butter.



Thanks Teresa!


Hi Jeremy,
Nice rise and good crumb for a bread carrying weight! A loaf to be proud of!

Strangely enough yes, with a hint of quinoa, didn't have millet that was initially prescribed, good with cheese and sausage!


Oh my! Droooool! Absolutely beautiful and sounds delicious.

Looking goooood! What's it taste like, carrot cake bread style?