English muffins

Guess who won't be buying English Muffins from now on.
A very interesting recipe and method, it's 81.6% hydration, not one for the faint hearted.


My first try at this recipe so next time I expect better holes.
The recipe belongs to Teresa.




Hi all,
I have a recipe that uses sourdough, but it has a bit of yeast as well, actually I haven't baked them yet since though dough is in the freezer!


Normbake, I'm not sure that croissants are a yeasted recipe.

Croissant dough is very similar to Danish, it is made with yeast....

I have a quite simple recipe for Danish but not with sour dough...

Very nice muffins Bill you are a true master baker...We shall all make a special trip and come to your place for breakfast

Have you tried making crossiants rolling the sour dough with butter, would be interesting, has anybody tried it.

They look wonderful, where can we find the recipe, please... qahtan

They look wonderful, where can we find the recipe, please... qahtan
Hi qahtan, thanks. Sorry the recipe is not mine, you would have to ask Teresa, Northwest Sourdough, it's one of the recipes that she on her website.

Cut some for breakfast, it seems I got the holes I was after.


Great job, Bill, make more of such scrumptious breads, and you will have more than one new neighbor! (within loafs throwing distance)



Ah TP we have a very large freezer.


Tomorrows breakfast will be, 2 each, toasted muffin with bacon and fried egg on it.
Health food


you are a clever little muffin man!!!!!!!
Look gorgeous - well done!


All that yummy bread for just the 2 of you? I'm thinking how nice it would be to stay a loaf's throw from you.....

What did you eat the bread with?