Query regarding starter

Hi all,


I am planning on baking a large batch of bread ( 12 loaves ) in a wood fired oven on Sunday. My formula tells me i need around 2KG of Sourdough starter, i have my usual 100g starter at 100% hydration.


Can i just add my 100g starter with 1000g grams water and 1000g flour ro produce my required starter of 2 KG, or do i need to work my way up to such a large amount of starter over a few days?

Thanks in advance


Hi gamby,

Here is a quote from Grahams blog on what they do at the bakery...

"The first is the very common single stage method....where a bit of leftover starter from the bake is "fed" with fresh flour and water, and left at room temperature for up to 24 hours (depending on temperature). I very rarely manipulate the water temperature when making this starter."

If you are doing this, I would disperse the starter in the water and then mix it with the flour.

Another approach that I have used (not on this scale though) is to build it over 24 hours in three stages - doubling it (or a bit more if necessary) at about 8 hour intervals.  I published a spreadsheet to do the calculations if you look up my blogs (I can't give you a link to that easily for reasons that I won't go into but this should link you to the spreadsheet https://www.dropbox.com/s/ua54bs13bs2gfdz/progress_feed.xls ) that allows you to change the hydration as well if you wish.

Good luck with your projects.


I've never made that many loaves at one time but I too would build it up in the same way Farinam prescribes roughly tripling the weight with each feeding.

Thanks Guys, baking tomorrow so ill let you know how i went....