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Hi all ^^

Been a member for 4 years and this is the first time I've ever sent anything to the forum :)


My latest loaf:


crust and crumb:


A very good looking loaf of bread!

 Thank you! ^^ 

Beautiful loaf!  How's it taste?

 HopesHope: Thank you :)

Tasted sensational ^^ Great texture, chewy and a pleasant tartness you'd expect from a sourdough. Switched to using biodynamic stoneground flour since sourcing a reliable supply and there's not turning back! ^^ 

Wow, that's beautiful.  How did you acheive such large air pockets.  I'm fairly new at this and I'd have to pop a cork if I had mine come out of the oven looking so nice.

Em... I've only started baking sourdough again in the last 4 months. The starter is near 5 months old :) Had several mediocre attempts quite a while back. The current starter is very healthy and I'm attributing those large air pockets to them critters ^^ I think ambient temperature has something to do with it also. 

What a gorgeous looking loaf.  Just picture perfect.  And sounds like it tasted that way too. 


Happy Baking.

Its a beautiful loaf, curious how deep you cut and did you slice just before it went in the oven?

Hey stinky

Sorry for the late reply. Slashed just before putting the loaf in the oven, em.. close to an inch deep, give or take a few mm.

Lovely loaf. Could you share th erecipe please?


Great Loaf of Bread, Don't eat it all at once I know I would. Well done BJ

A handsome loaf! I can't seem to get mine to hold there shape like that?

looks great.

delicous, probably? :)