Dutch oven combo cooker

 Anyone out there in sourdough world know where I can purchase myself a Dutch Oven Combo Cooker? I have a Le Creuset but am after one that has a lid that doubles as a skillet. Similar to the one suggested by Chad Robertson in Tartine Bread book. 

Much thanks in anticipation



Have a small Le creuset that has a skillet-lid, but not sure where you would buy. Also have a large Le Chasseur but with standard lid. We recently added a cast-iron enamelled casserole shallow dish with big high lid from Aldi  (thought might be useful for slow roasting shoulders etc, but so far only used for other things - and it seems to work fine).They had a range of cast iron/enamelled products for cheap, but pretty sure no skillet-lids. But at the price which was super low, you might find two separate items that cover your dual needs.

Thanks Davo,

The purpose of the combo cooker for me is so I can load the cooker into my hot oven when I bake bread and cook the bread inside the cooker.  It's easiest on a combo cooker because the cooker can be used upside down, where the lid becomes the base and the base becomes a domed lid.  It's easier to use than a Le Creuset because it means you can get to the dough to slash it a lot easier.  And also when it comes to take the lid off for the final half hour of baking, the bread isn't sitting "inside" a casserole dish, but rather on top of the dish, so it cooks better.  The Aldi one sounds great, when did you get that?  I hope it wasn't one of their super specials that come and go.  I'll have to go down and check it out.


Thanks again. 


About 2 weeks ago, at Aldi in Eltham. I'd be staggered if they'd all gone, and assume this is true for other Aldios nearer you. They had a range of different casseroles. The one we had has a base that sounds ideal, not sure if the lid will be quite high enough but you shoul dhave a look. I think they were only around $25.

ACtually I had a look at the deep pan (with side hjandles like any casserole, not a pan style handle) and lid, and do think it would do a loaf OK...