loaf #19

sliced ready for freezingfirst cut


Water : 325g
Laucke organic unbleached bread making flour: 385g
Powlett Hill Bio-Dynamic stoneground rye flour: 15g
Powlett Hill Bio-Dynamic stoneground Wholemeal flour: 100g
Starter : 225g (50/50 - white/wholemeal)
Fine Himalayan salt : 6g

Just when I thought the crumb was as open as I was going to get it with this recipe, out pops this one.


Hi Jaywoo,

I put this sort of thing down to practice.  As you get familiar with the look and feel of the dough, your handling and shaping improves and the quality of the loaf improves.

This is why I always recommend persistance and practice over looking for quick answers.

Good luck with your projects.


Your right. Doing the same recipe has taught me a lot I feel and I'd recommend it to anyone starting out like myself. It doesn't haven't to be this recipe, just one that will be eaten up in a flash so you have to bake some more:)