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Lamp's Blog

I thought I had better start a blog on my Baking and my first forum entry was really a blog anyway.

I have made all my SD as an unbleached white flour/ rye flour blend but finally last week I took a few grams of my starter and fed it up as a white starter.

Last night was the first bake with the new white starter and I have noticed a few things:
1. The white starter I had split off was much more active than the rye blend. It really should have been fed every 12 hours but the rye blend only needs feeding every 24 or 48 hours (at room temperature).
2. Admittedly at a slightly higher hydration (because the starter was wetter) the white dough pretty well collapsed when slashed but then puffed up when baked and ended up with a nice shape and a greater volume in the end than my normal rye blend. The rye blend baked at the same time turned out as normal, but was a little underproved.

I'll know what the white is really like when I cut it open when I get home (I'll try to post a picture)

Has anyone else noticed a difference in properties when baking white and rye blend?



haha...soon you will be baking big batches and you will be lucky if you can keep a loaf for yourself. :sad:
Thats the price of success! :lol:
Sounds like the sort of sucess your struggling with Pete... White tomorrow Rye Sunday, that both days this weekend, which should see a few loaves make it to the freezer :)
Hey lamp,

I think your bread looks very good.  I too struggle with bursting breads - mine pops out along the top and sides like eyeballs!!

A baking teacher has suggested too old rye flour (not in my case) or uneven tension from shaping.  With high hydration white loaves it seems tucking the mass of dough evenly under a smooth skin is one of those hand skills to be attained slowly, carefully, thoughtfully..

Using steam in the oven has definately helped too, as well as getting the proving time right.

Any other beaut tutes Boris, because I know how frustrating this is?
Pete, I baked both the white and rye yesterday. The rye is 25% but made from that crap flour that comes from the local supplier that Dave and I got sucked in on, boy is it sticky, the crust on top was weird the crumb seems ok nice and moist at just over 70% as per normal for me, it was as if the steam was disolving part of the surface.
Anway a few pictures, I didn't get a shot of the white inside, but it's the same as last week and tastes great so I'm happy with that.


























I cut all the rye for freezing we ate a white and friends got another so I have some full white loaves in the freezer, so I'm set for a bit, given we have Christmas parties etc just about every weekend day till Christmas :( bah humbug :D
I just cannot stop my loaves exploding and I think you are right Lily, it must be from uneven tension when I form the loaves. I have come to realise though that despite this fault, it does make my loaves have a character all their own. :wink:  One of these days I may learn how to correct what I'm doing but for the moment I'm happy with the texture of the crumb and the taste of the loaves. Spraying the surface of my latest loaf helped, but did not fix the problem. :sad:

I love the look of your white loaves Wet,, that close up shot of the slash looks so good it makes me hungry and could be used in an advert! Nice crumb structure in your loaves too! You will be pleased to know that I have your bag of rye in my kitchen and I might try to drop it off to  Dave tomorrow night (if you email me your address, I might even trek out to your place). The surface of those rye loaves looks weird (Dave hates that flour too), but I'm sure the bread tastes good!

I made a small batch on Saturday evening, making 1 traditional loaf, 1 stick and a few pide breads to have for dinner. I was fairly happy with the results and I'll have to make the pide breads again! :-)

Pete, have you tried the stretching techque thats in that Miliwa Bakery video, I use it each bake Rye and White. After mixing the dough in a large bowl (by hand) I kneed the dough on a bench till firm I won't use the ananogy I would use in Male company but nice and firm will do ;) Then I transfer to a large lidded tub and every 20min I stretch all 4 directions and turn over the dough, by the way I now use a timer because I had a tendancy to forget :) See if stretching helps...
Yes Wet, I stretch and fold my dough about 4 times during the bulk prove, about every 3/4 of an hour to an hour. This is probably less folding than you do but I do notice the dough development during the folding. As for kneading, when the ingreedients are mixed, I knead the dough for about 10 minutes until I feel the change in the dough and it develops a smooth springy texture and is no longer sticky. ;)
Great looking breadds wet - I'll have to lift my game to stay up with you two - although my last batch with decent rye flour looks better than I've been making... Much prefer the results from the elec oven than the fancy lookin gas one!

Those pides look the goods for xmas, Pete.

By the way, I think it's all in the original starter, so I'll claim all the credit for your results... Only joking!
I agree David, it was all in your original starter, I've trying to pass it on at every chance ;)

I also agree those Pita breads look scrumptious, sounds like the family has an order in already :D

I can't wait to get some more of that decent Rye Flour :)
Well, Christmas has come and gone and we had lunch on Christmas eve at my brothers place (Davo) and dinner on Christmas day at my sister May's place. Dave was going to make bread for dinner at May's but on Tuesday se said he was going to be too busy so he asked if I could bake a couple to take along instead

I made some Pide breads to have at Dave's which seemed to go down pretty well and at lunch May asked if I could make some of these to take along to her place as well as the bread.

I made the dough for the white loaves and gave them a longer primary fermentation and a longer prove than I did for the rye blend loaves. As usual the rye loaves turned out well but for probably the first time the white loaves also turned out very well. There was just the right amount of oven spring so the slashes opened up nicely but loaves did not explode. :-) I forgot to take any pictures but my brother in law took a couple so I will try to get one of these to post at a later date. :wink:

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a happy new year! :-)
Well I kept at the white Pete, last time out I used 1/3 less diastatic malt, ok I ran out :( still the result was ok still.