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  All breads are made using our natural leaven (sourdough starter), which was started in t... read more →

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The Yellow Deli

, New York

The Yellow Deli is located in Oneonta, NY, Oak Hill, NY,  Vista, CA , Island Pon... read more →

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We are in south yarra Melbourne, we use organic flour, and a 2 day levain  Photo:  ... read more →

posted 2 years ago

Bread Builders

, Victoria

Bread Builders bakes once a month exclusively for the Maldon Market - Hand Made, Home Grown held on ... read more →

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Crystal Waters

, Queensland

For these crispy, light and buttery sourdough pastries, come to Crystal Waters Bakery any Saturday f... read more →

updated 24 weeks ago

Hobbs House Bakery

, Gloucestershire

HOBBS HOUSE BAKERY remains dedicated to the traditions, care and craftmanship of artisan baking and ... read more →

updated 5 years ago

Juju Bread

, Queensland

 Juju Bread specialises in sourdough and gourmet boutique breads, all baked in the traditional ... read more →

updated 2 years ago

 Based in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia we bake  Bread using using Organic Flours from ... read more →

updated 4 years ago

We are a small bakery on a 50 acre property just outside of Apsley, Ontario, Canada; which is in cot... read more →

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 Traditional sourdough loaves baked in the original Flinders' wood fired Scotch Oven. 100% orga... read more →

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