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Apsley Country Bakery | Sourdough Companion

Apsley Country Bakery

Retained heat ovenFebruary snow storm.Our raisin bread.

We are a small bakery on a 50 acre property just outside of Apsley, Ontario, Canada; which is in cottage country north of Toronto. We concentrate on leavened breads made ( as much as possible ) with locally grown grain, milled at a local stone mill. We've built our own retained heat, wood fired oven  and it's working marvelously.

We've been in operation for just over a year now and slowly building a good client base of both local residents and cottagers. It's been a very encouraging start.

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Contact details

Product Standards

Artisan Baker Association members are encouraged to list their products and their corresponding sourdough baking standards below. See the standards.

Product: Standard:
20% rye ART 1 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain
Ciabatta ART 1.1 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
Sandwich Bread ART 2 - Organic Sourdough Unbleached White
Raisin Bread ART 1.1 - Organic Sourdough Sifted
3 Seed Bread ART 1 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain
Spelt Bread ART 1 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain
60% Rye ART 1 - Organic Sourdough Wholegrain